We take pleasure in welcoming you to our Web page and introducing our company and products. We hope it will help you to find the equipment you need.

We are working on the commercial equipment market since 1993. The experience let us create a large program of high quality equipment produced by domestic and foreign companies. We offer a large range of commercial, refrigerating, catering, beer and other equipment for stores, cafés, bars and restaurants. As a company specializing on the commercial equipment, we have experience in importing mostly beer and catering equipment by such companies as Micro Matic, C.E.M., Wodarczak, Kastel, Vema, Celme, Garbin, Roller Grill. We have created a large program of equipment for stores, bars and restaurants. As for refrigerating equipment we do offer our clients a large program of refrigerating equipment produced by domestic companies.

Our company doesnt only sell the equipment. The after sale service is organized on a high level. There are service centers in Novosibirsk, Barnaul, Tomsk and Kemerovo, it means in every city where we have filials. High-qualified specialists are ready to help our customers any time. Among other projects there are also five stores that were completely designed by our specialists.

 We are ready to help you any time and glad to see you among our customers.  


STEL ZAO, Russkaya 41, Novosibirsk 630058, Russia

Tel: +7(3832) 147 295 Fax: +7 (3832) 300 150, E-mail:  

Post address

An Herrn Igor Lakhno , Heubergstr. 21 , D-83404 Ainring Germany 

Tel / Fax +49 86 54 57 65 56

Sale centers

Novosibirsk  +7 (3832) 240301, Barnaul +7 (3852) 751400, 

Tomsk  +7 (3822) 650750, Kemerowo  +7 (3842) 587047